ResidentsWe live in the greatest City in the State of Florida. Working together, we can make some changes that will help improve our Quality of Life. For the last couple of years, I have been visiting with hundreds of residents, working with City staff to address concerns brought to my attention by many of you. Here are some of the issues I will continue to work on as Commissioner:



As residents, we expect accountability from our City Officials. Whether elected or appointed, all City employees serve the needs of all residents. I will work to ensure that all City residents receive prompt responses to their concerns.



A stable learning environment is crucial for a child’s future. Our current “controlled choice” system is affecting the children of Coral Gables, and is creating uncertainty in some of the most important years of a child’s formation. Some families are being divided among different schools or forced to select private schools, in order to have all their children attending the same school. We must work together to ensure there is a solution that addresses all our concerns. I will work with my fellow Commissioners and with Miami-Dade County Public Schools to ensure that our students education is a priority and that their education be of the highest caliber.



The Commission makes many decisions every year that could affect the financial stability of our City. I pledge to work with the Financial Advisory Board to ensure that we address the financial needs our City faces and that current and future commitments are properly funded, without having a negative effect on the sustainability of our City for future generations.



Every year, our garbage fee rises, placing a huge burden on so many young families and seniors in our community. This fee is not tax deductible and an unnecessary double taxation of residents. I will work with our City Manager and Budget Director to eliminate the garbage fee for residences in the City of Coral Gables, without raising our property taxes.



Many of our residents enjoy spending time in the outdoors. Walking and riding bicycles are among the common activities many of us enjoy. We need to ensure that our City is more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. I will work to ensure that our City is a place where residents can walk and ride their bicycles freely and safely.



In Coral Gables, we are proud of our heritage. We need to work to continue working to preserve the history of our City and the very essence of what makes Coral Gables the City Beautiful. I will work with the Historic Preservation Board to ensure that our Historic Landmarks maintain their historic essence.




As I have walked our streets and met with many neighbors, I have observed many issues that have long been overlooked. As Commissioner, I will work with City staff to find ways to address issues such as: sidewalk repairs, street lamp placement, and maintenance of our public spaces.



One of the greatest concerns of the residents of our City is safety. The next Commission will have to address issues of safety and work with the Police to find innovative ways to address the crime and high speed traffic issues in our City. I have met with City officials regarding these issues and with residents to try and find ways we can work together to find a solution to these quality of life issues. As Commissioner, I will work tirelessly to ensure our crime numbers decline and our high speed traffic issue is properly addressed.

Tree CanopyTREE CITY

We live in the Tree City. When we fly over South Florida, finding Coral Gables is easy due to our beautiful tree canopy. Many of these trees have been endangered during the last few years due to development and lack of enforcement of tree protection ordinances. As Commissioner, I will work to ensure our tree canopy is protected and that the laws that have been enacted to protect our trees are properly enforced.